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Tourism in Caen

Unique and thrilling experiences

Paris is 2 hours away, while the beaches are just 10 minutes away! Welcome to Caen, the city of one hundred church bells - and a thousand more faces. These have made Caen a major tourist attraction for people in France and from further afield, and our hotel is located right by one of them, at the foot of one of the largest Medieval enclosures in Europe - the Château de Caen, once the home of William the Conqueror, between the architectural jewels of the Abbaye aux Hommes and the Abbaye aux Dames. A stone’s throw away, Rue de Geôle and Rue Saint Pierre feature remarkably preserved examples of traditional timber-framed houses, complete with perfectly sculpted pillars. Wander along the medieval streets and head towards the popular and fashionable Vaugueux district, where all of Caen go out to enjoy themselves. Indeed, Edith Piaf famously came to sing here while visiting her grandparents who worked as café-owners here.

The local Caen stone (pierre de Caen) has been used to build the houses here, timeless but soaked in the patina of time to create a unique charm. On Rue Froide, the shops still have a feel of Medieval workshops, with artisans’ boutiques standing side by side with food stores, galleries and book shops. If you end up by the Tour Leroy, you’ll be able to admire the majesty of this last medieval remnant of the port district and spot the sea.

Now might be the time to turn your attention to the Colline aux Oiseaux and the Mémorial de Caen museum, which presents the Second World War, the D-Day landings and the Battle of Normandy in a vivid manner. This prestigious museum covers contemporary history up to the Cold War and also hosts exhibitions and conferences focusing on current events. What would be a better introduction to the nearby D-Day Beaches and Bayeux?