Far from the tumultuous din of the Second World War and its ravages, you can prefer the medieval period, for its aesthetic qualities and its calm change of scenery. You will be seduced by the charm of Bayeux, a preserved medieval city. 30km from our hotel, near Caen, you will not miss the Old Bayeux, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Queen Mathilde Tapestry or the Baron Gérard Museum.
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Symbols of history

From the capital it was in the time of Gaul and then, temporarily, in 1944, Bayeux retains the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie. Guided tours of Old Bayeux will help you discover the long history of the town, the Notre-Dame cathedral and the famous tapestry embroidered with the glory of William the Conqueror! The tapestry is the UNESCO "Memory of the World" illustrated fresco of the Duke's conquest of England. A treasure of history that you will not fail to admire from our hotel, near Caen.

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Norman art

At the foot of Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Bienvenu, an episcopal palace dating from the 11th to the 16th century, invites you on a journey through European art. This is the Baron Gérard Museum of Art and History (PAHB): 800 works that all bear witness to artistic production in Normandy, whose unique light the Impressionists Caillebotte and Boudin came to capture. Throughout the rooms, the archaeological excavations of Calvados attest to the talent of the first local artists, while other areas of the MAHB are devoted to Bayeux lace and porcelain.
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Caen Memorial

Caen Castle

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