Only 3.5 km from the hotel, the Caen Memorial, located and built on a former bunker that served as a German command post, is a must-see museum in the city. Since its inauguration in 1988 by President François Mitterrand, it has gained international recognition for its expertise and its cultural, educational and scientific standards. From the beginnings of the Second World War to the divisions of the Cold War, the museum presents the stages of this large part of our history through exhibitions that are as clear as they are surprising.
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Diving into the heart of history

A concrete vision

Photos, furniture and accessories follow one another. Costumes and reconstructions of period settings illustrate complete explanations in settings that set the scene for these dark hours and contribute to a better understanding. This was the wish of Jean-Marie Girault, senator and mayor of Caen for 31 years, who did the most ardent apprenticeship as a Red Cross volunteer rescuer on 6 June 1944 in bombed-out Caen. Within the Caen Memorial, no less than 14,000 m² on 3 levels are devoted to this dive into our past, including 5,600 m² of permanent exhibitions.
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An inspiring experience

Adapted visits

Caen's rich heritage in this area allows for relevant insights into specific points, such as the concrete bunker in which German General Wilhelm Richter established his command post, the presentation of life under the Occupation, the conditions of combat, the resistance, the D-Day Landings and the Liberation, or the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Whether you choose to wander around freely with your family or friends, or whether you opt for a guided tour, there is no doubt that the Caen Memorial promises an unforgettable experience.
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